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Beautiful bungalow at Nirvana Detox Healing Center, Khanom Thailand15 luxury Bungalows with

  • spectacular sea view
  • king size bed
  • free WiFi access
  • Satellite 32 inch TV LCD screen
  • Blue Ray DVD/MP3 player
  • fridge
  • herbal steam bath with specific herbs as individually required by our guests.

Swimming Pool Nirvana Detox Healing Center, Khanom ThailandInfinity Pool

  • 12m x 7m


  • serving healthy & delicious fruit-, vegetable-, coconut-juices

10 Bamboo Salas

  • distributed under the trees
  • with latex mats 2x2m for relaxation
  • Fresh Fruits Nirvana Detox Healing Center, Khanom Thailandalso with spectacular sea view.


  • with breathtaking views
  • serving delicious organic food.


  • with all daily programs and
  • excursions.

Bungalos, Swimmingpool Nirvana Detox Healing Center, Khanom ThailandPlatform

  • 17 x 7m
  • with Bose music system and
  • 40 latex mats on to of the restaurant
  • overlooking the pool with 6 bungalows
  • with spectacular sea view
  • allowing cosy get togethers in the evening
  • and dancing.


Facilities of Nirvana Detox Healing Center
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Room rates for holidays without treatments
Price is per Room/Day in Thai Baht (THB), inclusive breakfast with airconditioning.

Room Low Season
1stt May to
31st October
High Season
1st November to
20thDecember and
16th January to 30th April
Peak Season
21st December to
15th January

Guest House
(great sea view)
3,500 THB 3,800 THB 4,200 THB
Top Bungalows
(great sea view)
3,500 THB 3,800 THB 4,200 THB
Pool Bungalows
(great sea view)
4,000 THB 4,500 THB 4,900 THB

All inclusive Package
per Person for 2 weeks

In a double room of a Top Bungalow (single surcharge 15%)

  • Healer Assessment & Treatment
  • 2 hrs specialized Detox Massage daily
  • Herbal Steam Bath daily
  • Yogic Exercises / Qui Gong daily
  • Meditation daily
  • Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily
  • Blood Pressure/BMI check up
  • 1 day Thai cooking class
  • Thai Baht 95,450 (per person all inclusive)
  • Thai Baht 48,000 for 1 week (per person all inclusive)

Luxury all inclusive Package
per Person for 2 weeks

In a double room of a Pool Villa (no single surcharge)

  • Healer Assessment & Treatment
  • 2 hrs specialized Detox Massage or Signature Coconut Oil Massage daily
  • Option of 2 Kahuna Massages & 2 Reiki Treatments or Tapping Treatments
  • Herbal Steam Bath daily
  • Yogic Exercises &  Qui Gong daily
  • Meditation daily and option for Sun bath treatment
  • Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily all fresh fruit & vegetable juices
  • Blood Pressure/BMI check up
  • 3Free optional Excursiones
  • (Pink Dolphins , Caves , ATV 4Weel Drive or Big Buddah & Temple Don Sak)
  • Free Airport transfers from and to  Surat Thani or Nakorn Si Thammarat
  • Free taxi services within the region of Khanom
  • Option of 2 days Thai cooking classes
  • Thai Baht 125,000.- (per person all inclusive)   


Guest comments


Carlo & Natty, Words cannot describe the gratitude that I have for the work that you both put into Nirvana. Thank you for the wonderful food , lodging and most importantly, thank you for creating life changing experiences for those of us who are seeking more from this wonderful journey of life.
Thank you for providing an atmosphere where healing can take place in the mind & in the body !!!
I wish you both all the love & happiness you desire !
Thanks for showing me the path to my Nirvana !!! Love - Tiffany


Bliss: The time at Nirvana Detox and Healing Center was an enourmous meaningful one.
Not only is the service (room, food, etc) excellent, you get wonderful best class advice in every aspect of your health issues, wonderful, highly professional massages, possibilities to retrain your mind and rejuvenate.
My partner and I had the best reconnection on a very different level which is such an amazing gift AND is lasting into the here and now. Thank you Carlos and Natty for that spiritual journey we had within your facilities. We all, the family of 6! had the chance to get clarity on many aspects - it is bliss!
Thanks for the warmth, the love and the care you provided us with from your deepest heart! We will never forget the process and the change we had come across being at your place. We are humble and grateful for every minute!
Much love, Veronica and the rest of the family.

from the deepest of our hearts!

Dr. Veronika Stürzlinger, MAS
Ärztin für Allgemeinmedizin HNO und TCM


An amazing physical and spiritual renewal experience

Let me set the background. I am 56 years old and separated, with three wonderful children. I work too much, as many of us do. I am a professor so I tend to be very logical, but I am also curious and have an undeveloped interest in spirituality (for example I read and liked the book "Proof of Heaven" by the Harvard neurosurgeon sharing his personal afterlife experience). And I was looking for a place for a much needed physical, emotional and spiritual renewal experience. I could not have imagined a better experience than what I had with Carlo and Natty at the Nirvana Center.

Carlo and Natty are fully focused on and flexible to help and work with you however is most beneficial to you. They have a amazing sense to read where you are and make themselves available to you, or also just to leave you the time you need for yourself. The routine I worked into during my two week stay there (make sure you stay 2 weeks, 1 is not enough) involved early morning exercise with Natty, then a guided meditation session with Carlo, then a wonderful healthy breakfast, then exercise on my own and a 2 hour massage, then a healthy lunch, then exercise, reading and a little work in the afternoon, then a steam bath before another wonderful meal, then another guided meditation session, then a little exercise and relaxing in the evening. I did manage by the way to lose 5 kg during the 2 weeks, which was a nice side benefit.

The biggest benefit to me was becoming grounded in myself and my beliefs and renewing my outlook on life physically, emotionally and spiritually. I would never have imagined liking healthy nutritional food, but I did, I would never have imagined really enjoying and benefiting from meditation, but I did. These are experiences that are very possible to bring back into my everyday life.

Overall, I highly recommend Nirvana as a personally valuable and rewarding experience, with two wonderful and caring hosts and a beautiful setting and environment.


Dear Carlo and Natty,
one month ago I have left magical Nirvana and today I find it easy to be confident and comfortable with who I am.The love, compassion and joy you share with your guests is a limitless source of happiness.

Morning Yoga exercises during sunrise, vitalizing detox massages, freeing meditation sessions and outstanding food cooked by the best chef in Khanom with tons of love :) have had a deep positive impact on my physical health and mental well being.

I am extremely thankful to have made the choice to spend time you and the  Nirvana family and sincerely recommend it to anybody.

Be blessed you all at, may Nirvana prosper and see you next time in Khanom.

Lots of love,


Dear Carlo and Natty,
Thank YOU for making my stay so pleasant and enjoyable!  Your services, food, and staff were excellent. Nirvana is certainly a place I will recommend for someone who would like such a get-away and health program!

I will remember you both with much fondness .. and  one day I shall return.
Many blessings for your continued abundance and Love, Edna

A grateful Visitor

I am really looking forward to Jo’s return from Nirvana as although it’s only been 1 week apart the time we shared in Koh Samui was probably the best of times that I can remember. After only 1 week at Nirvana with You and Natty I now feel so alive again. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your caring and sharing that has really opened my eyes again.

The times in the pool “brainstorming” (to enjoy the best of the world), the breakfasts with beautiful fresh fruit, the acceptance, the massages, the walking each morning on the beach to a really special feeling all made my short time with you such a unforgettable experience.

I have stagnated on 95 kg but back to gym next week but more importantly my blood pressure is 135/80 and I have stopped taking Nexium for stomach acid. And the weight of the world is all of a sudden a heck of a lot lighter.

I most certainly will be back for my annual reality tune up's but in the meantime my daughter Shannon is most keen to visit you as well so you might just see her before Jo and I return. (Also have a mate in Canada that is struggling with his life balance and is thinking about to visit you too).

So as it goes in the song
“May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
And may you stay forever young


Dearest Carlo & Natty
I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks to you for your caring and guidance whilst I was in beautiful Nirvana.
You have shown me a wonderful side to my life that was hidden for too long.
I thank you! I feel energized, open and most of all : I can love myself !
With Love - David


Congratulations Carlo
on realising your dream - the world needs more manifestations such as yours. Many Blessings to you - may Nirvana prosper!

Chris Walker

I went to Nirvana not knowing what to expect. It was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. So  emailed this guy 'Carlo'. Straight away he answered all my questions promptly and with a great energy. So I booked my trip for a 2 week stay. Well from the second that I arrived and was greated by Carlo and Natty and the amazing Nirvana staff I knew almost straight away that I had to stay at this place for my entire Thailand trip of 4 weeks! Nattys food is amazing!, Wasarna's massages was something I eagerly anticipated everyday, daily steam baths where Carlo and I would solve 'all the problems of the world' and Nattys yoga at sunrise was such a positive way to kick start the day.  But you know what that was nothing compared to the general well being and health results that I experienced. Nirvana was never built by Carlo and Natty to make money. It was built out of love and the need to help people and help make other people more greatful of the people and opportunities around them. I'll be back every year. Thanks Carlo and Natty for showing me your piece of paradise you call NIRVANA! X


This is a truly special space to be enjoyed and well looked after. The healer's assessment was very accurate and the herbs prescribed were easy to take because they were gentle and tasted ok. The thai massage and specialised thai healing massage was very beneficial for me, healing an injury I'd had for over ten years when no other therapies had worked. The detox food didn't help me lose any weight, but I didn't put any one either and I ate like a Queen for the whole two weeks. Natty's culinary talents were especially appreciated and I felt confident in her ability to know exactly what fresh food dish to create each day. Natty's yogicise and Carlo's meditation was a wonderful way to begin each day and an early morning trip to the Wednesday markets is a must! The staff are very accommodating and always happy to assist in any way. The people of Khanom are friendly and you can it's fun exchanging laughter while beating them down on the price of an item. The excursions are exquisite, particularly the cave tour and the boat ride to see pink dolphins play. I loved my time at Natty's and Carlo's Nirvana and you will surely be impressed too! Thank you to all of the crew at Nirvana who make have made this dream come true! xoxo


Arriving back at Nirvana for the second time was like coming home and being hugged in the warm embrace of loving family and friends ... both times I arrived emotionally and physically exhausted. Carlo, Natty, Prosawan and Nirvana went to work right away and within days I felt myself again and my body was rejoicing in the cleansing and healing that was taking place.
I was so joyful to excercise every morning (my choice), take long walks, hang by the pool, enjoy an afternoon siesta, reading, hanging and chatting in the steam room (my favourite)...
The food is amazing - Natty is exceptional and always happy to impart her knowledge and teach the exquisitness that is clean, beautiful Thai food. There is plenty of love going in too....
At the end of my last two weeks I was so energized, that I changed my plans on the last morning rebooking and went off to Nepal to trek the Annapurna Base Camp. 10 days, over
100 kilometers and up to 4200 meters above sea level. Many people take months of training and I did it in a breeze at the end of two weeks rejuvenating at Nirvana. Amazing!!
Thank you Carlo and Natty, you will always have a warm place in my heart that I love coming home to...
Look forward to seeing you next year.
Aloha, Lindy


Hello Natty, hello Carlo,
Le séjour à Nirvana m'a fait un bien énorme et j'ai vraiment envie de recommencer.
J'aimerai vous remercier de votre chaleureux accueil. Vous avez vraiment tout fait pour que notre séjour soit parfait. Vous nous avez emmenées partout avec vous afin que l'on ne s'ennuie pas trop. Moi je n'ai pas trouvé Le temps long, ça fait tellement de bien de se faire soigner.
J'essaie d'appliquer la méthode du Zen et de penser à moi par rapport à d'autres. Je crois que j'y arrive gentilement.
Je garde un souvenir merveilleux de Nirvana et je reviendrai.
Encore un grand merci et toutes mes meilleures pensées.


Ich bin super drauf nach dem zweiwöchigen Aufentalt im Nirvana Center, keine Beschwerden mehr mit Restless Leg Syndrome, hab den Durchblick, es ist alles so klar, kann besser denken und behalten, hab eine Tonnenlast von mir gestossen, hab vorher die Welt getragen und jetzt trägt sie mich!
Bin offen gegenüber jedermann, kann fröhlich sein und auch herumalbern, bin endlich aus einem langen, finsteren Tunnel herausgekommen und sehe nur noch Licht, Schönheit und Freiheit.
ICH BIN FREI! Ich bin so wie ich bin und hab mich gern. Ich bin frei!
Jedermann sieht den Wandel in mir, denken jedoch noch, das dies nicht lange anhalten werde, doch ich bin voll überzeugt, dass es wird!!!!
Denke jeden Morgen an Natty, wenn ich für eine halbe Stunde Gym mache - für mich. Sie ist wirklich eine wunderbare Frau, Carlo - ihr passt gut zueinander!
Ich verdanke Euch sehr viel. Herzlichen Dank für Alles.
Ich bin ZEN, ZEN, ZEN.


Carlo ... congratulations to you both on the great outcome.


Good morning Carlos and Natty,
My birthday has come around again. I have had a wonderful day.
I thought of you , as my last birthday was celebrated at Nivanara.
One year on, I am delighted to say that our stay at Nirvana was a life changing event.
We are forever thankful that we had our time with you both.
Kind regards



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Khanom Wetter
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Special Offer


THB 95'450.-
until November 2014
No single surcharge for stay in a double room of a Top Bungalow for 2 weeks, also new - many different herbal medicines and treatments during the whole stay required daily are included.
Also with 2 hours daily Thai-Massage, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Herbal Steam Bath, Yoga exercise/Qui Gong, Meditation and Healer Assessment/Treatment.
This is a genuine all inclusive price!

Luxury Package
THB 125’000.-

all as above but stay in a Pool Villa for 2 weeks with option of 2 hours signature coconut oil Massage or Thai Massage daily or 2 hours Tapping Treatment, 2 free Kahuna Massages & 2 Reiki Treatments , free Bio Resonance Treatments, 3 excursions included (Pink Dolphins, Caves, ATV 4 wheel drive or Big Buddha and Temple), free airport transfers for Surat Thani, free taxi service in the region of Khanom.

Herbs for Healing

Herbs for Healing

We are using thoroughly selected herbs for your treatments.



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